Sixth Annual Station Loop Ramble

Once again, we had a rainy morning for the running of the Station Loop Ramble. Fortunately, the runners didn’t really seem to mind! Thank you to all the participants, volunteers and businesses that support this family-friendly trail and road race. Your financial support helps maintain the Mass Central Rail Trail.


Race results are as follows:

First Name Last Name Time Town
Matthew Twarog 31:33 Hubbardston
Max Whitney 36:14 Barre
Kate Fields 39:05 Palmer
Mike Duquette 39.26 Shrewsbury
Brian Keleher 40:05 New Braintree
Eugene Rich 40:59 Gilbertville
Brian Patenaude 41:11 West Brookfield
Nicole Keleher 41:53 New Braintree
Tricia Sawyer 43:52 Oakham
Pamela Clark 44:03 West Brookfield
Andrea Roda 44:04 Milford
Kathleen O’Connor 44:25 Holden
Brian Farmer 45:44 Chicopee
Donna Holden 45:53 Hardwick
Jennifer Noorjanian 46:15 Milford
Mei Martin 46:16 West Brookfield
Elaine Dill 46:36 Monson
Richard Matteson 47:24 Westhampton
Evan White 48:15 Hardwick
Robin Langer 48:30 Hubbardston
Jenni DiMauro 48:56 Barre
Stacy Potts 49:33 Barre
Jeff Beker 49:33 Barre
Alan Gray 50:29 Gardner
Melissa Cucchi 50:39 Newton
Christine Palmer 52:45 Gilbertville
Paula Ouimette 52:57 Gilbertville
Jennifer Walters 53:37 West Warren
Edward Currier 56:15 Sturbridge
Marta Carlson 58:13 Paxton
Brandy Murphy 1:00:04 Leicester
First Name Last Name Time Town
Bailey Metcalf 20:07 Gilbertville
Benjamin Hood 20:43 Hardwick
JR Price 20:45 Washington
William Hood 22:21 Hardwick
Andy Price 22:45 Washington
David Maher 23:04 North Brookfield
Matthew Peabody 23:16 Phillipston
Ed Hood 24:23 Hardwick
Pete Mayes 25:17 New Braintree
Aurelia Wilder 27:43 Barre
Maddie Subik 27:46 Barre
Mark Kablack 28:02 New Braintree
Owen Twarog 28:49 Hubbardston
Jessica Wenke 29:46 Babylon
Richie Springer 31:16 North Brookfield
Lynn Wangeril 31:33 Barre
Amanda Blakie 33:13 Gilbertville
John Toal 34:24 North Brookfield
Jessica Powers 35:41 Ware
David Broschart 36:21 West Brookfield
Rachel McNaugh 38:30 Barre
Jenn DeSimone 39:36 Spencer
Sophia Laprel 39:57 Framingham
Robert Laprel 39:58 Framingham
Sara Subik 41:17 Barre
Jennifer Keaney 44:31 Oakham
Bethany Cogoli 44:31 Oakham
Pamela Robinson 46:53 Hardwick
Fiona Laprel 47.25 Framingham
Louie Gutterman 47:40 North Brookfield
Claudia Broschart 47:42 West Brookfield
Jessica Laprel 47:43 Framingham
Stephanie Korzec 50:09 New Braintree
Julie Bransfield 51:22 Brandon
Sandra McGuill 51:39
Ernest Breor 59:55 East Longmeadow
Doris Farmer 1:00:06 Ware
First Name Last Name Time Town
Nathaniel Henshaw 6:38 Templeton
Jamie Paquet 6:55 Petersham
Tim Rodier 6:56 Oxford
Sophia Laprel 7:25 Framingham
Carlee Rich 8:32 Gilbertville
Caitlin Rich 8:32 Gilbertville
Charlotte Carpenter 9:07 Barre
Katie Twarog 9:36 Hubbardston
Sadie Cogoli 10:28 Oakham
Quinn Ouimette 11:11 Gilbertville
Connor Cogoli 12:09 Oakham
Cora Wangerin 13:33 Barre
Sadie Ouimette 13:50 Gilbertville
Rosalynn Cogoli 13:53 Oakham
Zack Cogoli 14:06 Oakham
Clara Cogoli 14:41 Oakham
Penny Ouimette 16:49 Gilbertville

Fifth Annual Station Loop Ramble

Overall Male and Female winner of the 5-mile Classic, Patrick Caron and Karla Steele.

The 2016 Station Loop Ramble was a rainy Sunday in October. The runners didn’t seem to mind the drizzle and rain as long as they were moving, but it cooled right off once the race was over. Race results are below.

Overall Male and Female winners of the 5k Run/Walk, David Maher and Jennifer Hoche.

Thank you to our race sponsors!

Hardwick Sugar Shack and Senator Stephen Brewer

Rose 32 Bread, Country Bank, Craig Della Penna – Realtor, Hardwick Kilns, Raitto Engineering

Hardwick Farmer’s Coop, Cherie Benoit – Realtor, R.N. Glidden Landscaping, Reed’s Country Store, SpencerBANK

First Name Last Name Time Town
Patrick Caron 28:53:00 Needham
Matthew Twarog 29:06:00 Hubbardston
Tom Steele 30:57:00 Rutland
Matt Lau 35:22:00 Petersham
Karla Steele 35:22:00 Rutland
Morgan Whitney 39:01:00 New Braintree
Max Leroux 39:02:00 Barre
Gerard Fallon 39:55:00 Hamilton
Gene Rich 40:49:00 Gilbertville
Eric Winn 42:36:00 Wakefield
Audrey Snay 42:56:00 West Brookfield
Neil McManus 43:05:00 Gardner
Chris Laursen 43:16:00 Barre
Pamela Clark 45:02:00 West Brookfield
James Morrissey 45:08:00 West Boylston
Kathleen O’Connor 45:12:00 Holden
Deb Gauley 45:50:00 Plympton
Elaine Dill 46:47:00 Monson
Keith Gauley 47:35:00 Plympton
Chris Powell 47:43:00 Melrose
Alan Gray 48:19:00 Gardner
Jenni DiMauro 48:41:00 Barre
Joseph Haseltine 50:10:00 Lunenburg
Holly Wielsma 51:23:00 Spencer
Paula Ouimette 52:26:00 Gilbertville
Virginia Reed 55:24:00 Ware
Jessica Powers 56:19:00 Ware
First Name Last Name Time Town
David Maher 22:51:00 North Brookfield
Harrison Lewis 24:08:00 Barre
Jennifer Hache 24:59:00 Lowell
Bailey Metcalf 25:17:00 Gilbertville
Sarah McCue 26:45:00 Boylston
Jessica Laprel 26:46:00 Framingham
Stavros Gorgees 28:15:00 North Brookfield
Angela Amer Moya 28:28:00 Hubbardston
Cristen Comptois 29:46:00 Hubbardston
Olivia Breault 31:22:00 Hubbardston
Paul Breault 31:24:00 Hubbardston
Evelyn Saunders 32:33:00 Gill
David Broschart 32:49:00 West Brookfield
Blake Lenhardt 34:23:00 North Brookfield
Amanda Blakle 34:46:00 Gilbertville
Claudia Broschart 34:52:00 West Brookfield
Lynn Tupper 36:00:00 Barre
Louis Gutterman 39:54:00 North Brookfield
Brandy Murphy 41:44:00 Leicester
Sara Subik 43:01:00 Barre
Josef DellaGrotte 50:22:00 Barre
Meghan Rodier 51:27:00
Jennifer Bothwell 52:00:00 Somers
First Name Last Name Time Town
Maxell Lewis 8:20:00 Barre
Carlee Rich 9:12:00 Gilbertville
Caitin Rich 9:20:00 Gilbertville
Eric Snay 9:53:00 West Brookfield
Connor Snay 10:23:00 West Brookfield
Sadie Ouimette 11:13:00 Gilbertville
Quinn Ouimette 11:52:00 Gilbertville
Penny Ouimette 12:52:00 Gilbertville
Timothy Rodier 13:25:00


Fourth Annual Station Loop Ramble

In 2015, the Station Loop Ramble expanded to include a Kid’s One Mile and 5k Run/Walk in addition to the 5-mile Classic. It was a beautiful day for the race. At 9:30am the kid’s ran along the Mass Central Rail Trail towards Wheelwright, passing over the historic pony truss bridge on their way out and back. They were all back within 15 minutes, having gotten their morning off to a terrific start! Check out this slide show of pictures from the Kid’s One Mile and afterwards.

Runners in the 5-mile Classic started at 10am, running the loop following West Road up hill, then turning onto Unitas Road. The runners all look forward to the last right-hand turn onto the Mass Central Rail Trail for the flat last leg of the race.

The 5k course heads out the Mass Central Rail Trail towards Wheelwright. The runners make their way along Maple Street, to Barre Road and wind back through Pine Street and Church Street before coming back along the Mass Central Rail Trail to the starting line.

Click here to see a slide show from the 5 mile Classic and 5k Run/Walk. Congratulations to all the runners!!

Thanks to the many volunteers that helped make this a successful race.

Thank you to our sponsors!!
Hardwick Sugar Shack – Senator Stephen Brewer
Rose 32 Bread – Country Bank – Hardwick Kilns/Cersosimo Lumber – Spencer Savings Bank
R.N. Glidden Landscaping – Kip’s Christmas Tree Farm – Reed’s Country Store – Raitto Engineering – E.P. Wine
Hannaford Supermarket, R.N. Glidden Landscaping

Race Results for the 5-mile Classic

First Name Last Name Time Town
Matthew Twarog 29:14:00 Hubbardston
Ryan Merceri 31:28:00 Ludlow
Benjamin Morin 32:56:00 New Braintree
Simonettta Piergentili 35:03:00 Wilmington
Haden Haynes 37:31:00 North Brookfield
Eugene Rich 40:17:00 Gilbertville
Graham Stackhouse 41:40:00 North Brookfield
Harrison Lewis 41:49:00 Barre
Audrey Snay 42:03:00 West Brookfield
Nathan Buzzell 44:07:00 North Brookfield
Pamela Clark 44:27:00 West Brookfield
Jessica Oleski 46:08:00 North Brookfield
Nicholas DeVries 46:18:00 New Braintree
Elaine Dill 46:25:00 Monson
David Murphy 47:21:00 Holden
Dick Murphy 47:21:00 Westfield
Jennie DiMauro 47:33:00 Barre
Robin Henshaw 48:43:00 Templeton
David Broschart 50:07:00 West Brookfield
Annie Huppert 52:11:00 Somerville
Kate Huppert 52:11:00 Somerville
Ginnie Reed 53:43:00 Ware
Kianna Romano 56:21:00 Hardwick
Siena Romano 56:21:00 Hardwick

Race Results for the 5k Run/Walk

First Name Last Name Time Town
Brandon Malloney 21:55 North Brookfield
David Maher 22:11 North Brookfield
Morgan Whitney 23:38 New Braintree
Christine Nagy 24:07:00 Franklin
Bailey Metcalf 25:48:00 Gilbertville
Blake Lenhardt 32:02:00 North Brookfield
Sara Lee 33:04:00 Hong Kong
Sue Boronski 33:22:00 Ware
Kevin Bradley 33:42:00 North Brookfield
Claudia Broschart 34:22:00 West Brookfield
Jaimee Briggs 38:21:00 Athol
Linda Pearo 45:10:00 Oakham

Race Results for the Kid’s One Mile

First Name Last Name Time Town
Andrew Twarog 7:49:00 Hubbardston
Nathaniel Henshaw 7:50:00 Templeton
Seth Twarog 8:19:00 Hubbardston
Olivia Breault 8:45:00 Hubbardston
Carlee Rich 9:13:00 Gilbertville
Owen Twarog 9:38:00 Hubbardston
Harper Bradley 9:49:00 North Brookfield
Catelyn Rich 10:09:00 Gilbertville
Josiah Henshaw 11:18:00 Templeton




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