Race Results are in

First Name Last Name Race Time
Ken Goodwin 35:27:00
David Maher 37:02:00
Sam Frost 39:45:00
James E. Hood 39:52:00
Eugene Rich 40:03:00
Bob Kolb 40:27:00
Maureen Whitney 40:48:00
Caitlin Dwyer-Huppert 41:36:00
Bryan Moore 42:22:00
Audrey Snay 42:37:00
Robin Langer 42:42:00
Jenni DiMauro 43:45:00
Robert Wilson 43:46:00
Alan Gray 44:45:00
Brandon Maloney 45:00:00
Tara Bennett 46:25:00
Dave Broschart 47:02:00
Glenn Nieuwenhuis 47:25:00
Rachel Wilson 48:45:00
Matthew Neylon 48:57:00
Diana Vanoudenhove 49:36:00
Virginia Reed 52:07:00
Liz DeGaetano 52:34:00
Molly Moynihan 52:35:00
Elisabeth Westner 54:34:00
Jessica Oleski 55:14:00
Samantha Bodine 57:50:00
Darrie Karlin 57:50:00
Emily Durso 58:30:00
Jennifer Laramee 58:40:00
Paula Ouimette 66:21:00
Gareth Mannion 68:45:00

Fitness Trail, Another reason to run our race.



Today volunteers worked at the Gilbertville Fitness Trail – painting the gate, clearing brush at the entrance and along the trail, and making the trail more inviting. The ten fitness stations were installed along the former railroad bed over the summer. The stations include various stretches and strength exercises, often two exercises at each station.

Great progress was made and the trail is nearly ready for the official opening on Saturday, October 25th at 2pm. The welcoming signs along Main Street will be installed in the coming weeks. Please take a walk and explore the fitness equipment and the Ware River! If driving you can park at the New Furnace Landing with the gazebo, and if you are walking the trail begins at the yellow and blue gate opposite the Hardwick House of Pizza.





Why run our race?

All the proceeds from the Station Loop Ramble 5 miler race go towards improving the Mass Central Rail Trail and the East Quabbin Land Trust. One of the projects to extend the current trail to Wheelright, MA. Here is a copy of the story from the East Quabbin Land Trust Page.


Clearing crew just starting to open the trail, and the pony truss is visible in the distance.


It was hot and humid yesterday out along the Ware River. With an early start our crew of dedicated volunteers made huge progress at the rail trail.

The first wave of trail clearing removed all the brush for half the distance from the pony truss to Wheelwright. Next step is to remove the old ties and then continue pushing back the brush and trees to widen the usable space along the trail.


Bridge decking timbers are fully installed on the new beam bridge section and more were delivered onto the pony truss ready for the next work day. If you are available next Saturday, please come help continue the great work begun to open the rail trail to Wheelwright.

The beam bridge getting ready for new decking.

Dropping off new decking timbers.

Military and veterans discount

We are offering a Military and Veterans discount. we want to honor those who served, please be honorable and do not register as military or veteran if you haven’t served. We are sorry if you have already registered we cannot offer a refund. Please pass this posting on to friends and family that like to run who you know that are in the military and/or veterans. Please register as state employees.